Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Day 22: A day in the life

It's been a pretty pre-Thanksgiving day, although a bit cool. 

This morning, I cut some fresh sage for the dressing and some parsley for whatever, cut a few heads of cauliflower and a cabbage too, and took some to share with Hannah, who is prepping food for two or three feasts this weekend. 

It's such a blessing to still have fresh produce from the garden to contribute to our Thanksgiving meals. 

Before re-commencing with the food prep,  we took a stroll with the grandkiddos on the one lane road where they live, and the kiddos wanted to ride their bikes. 
Oaklee insisted that she was not cold and didn't need a coat, so I carried it. I guess she didn't want to cover up her "Wonder Girl" dress.  

Maybe Oaklee is on the right track.  Hannah said she saw a video where Scandinavian parents let their children go roll in the snow in their underwear, then come in and have hot tea-all to keep from getting sick. 

I've always been a fan of fresh air, and my thought is, if a kid gets cold enough, they'll change their mind about the coat-eventually.  This little stinker never did, although the hat and mittens were on and off. 

Oaklee got off her trike long enough to demonstrate some karate kicks and "Hah-ya's."  You can barely see them, but she had an audience of goats and horses-and some funny-looking shadow women. 

Clay and Leo were a little less dramatic.  Here they are, just a' headin' on up the road.  

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