Thursday, November 30, 2017

Day 30: Mission Accomplished

I have indeed met my goal to blog a post every day in the month of November.

It's really not as easy a task as it might sound, not some days, at least, when my creativity has about bled dry.

But it's been fun to see what I could cough up, just by sitting down at the keyboard and beginning to peck, peck, peck-no real destination in mind. Kind of like my contrary chickens.  Ha!

Remember those beautiful ornamental cabbages and kales I posted about a few weeks back? They are riddled now; there's nothing left but the stalks.

So I guess if ya peck long enough, you might see some results.

On another note, I've been ranting about Matt Lauer all day long to anyone who would listen. Now, if you've only caught the headlines about him getting fired, you may be thinking what's the big deal.

But the big deal is, apparently Mr. Lauer has been nursing a dark, even sadistic, side for a long time, if the accounts in Variety magazine are to be believed.

I can't help but wonder how many more prominent men-possibly women too-are losing sleep at night, wondering when their actions are going to come to light.

Ugh. The news just gets more sordid every day, and it really makes me want to punch somebody in the face. Or head for the hills and never come out.

On a brighter and totally unrelated note, I was invited to a school concert this evening-several dozen budding young guitarists showing off some new skills.  I really enjoyed their performance.

I was rather surprised to learn that there are 75 or so students taking guitar classes at the middle and high schools.

The youngsters were joined on stage by some expert classical guitarists from the University of Kentucky. Wow. Talk about giving them something to aspire to.

So yeah, even with all the stench of moral decay in this world, there's hope in the bright young faces of these kids.

One girl at the concert really captivated my attention. I could tell she was serious about what she was doing.  It was evident in the way she cradled her guitar like it was precious to her, the way her face glowed with excitement.

I reminded myself to watch for her in the next few years.  I think she's going to go places.

I just hope and pray she doesn't stumble across any Lauer types on her way.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Day 29: Life's evening sun...(A beautiful life)

We headed out early this morning to see the orthopedic doctor who patched up my elbow several weeks ago.

He said I had healed amazingly well, but to limit my activities for about three more weeks, then I'm free to do push-ups or whatever.

The doctor explained that he is like a mechanic who can re-assemble a body part, but every individual's healing is different, and he thinks the mind-body connection is a big part of that.

I have no trouble believing that, because this gal gets white-coat hypertension most every time I go to the doctor.

Thankfully, I have a blood pressure cuff at home, so I can monitor it here and get a truer picture.

But honestly, don't we often feel like we anticipate feeling?  Have you every missed some sleep and complained about how tired you are going to be the next day?

I have.  But sometimes I forget I should be tired, and I'm later surprised that I didn't feel so tired after all.

Yep, we need to be mindful of our thoughts, because they do change our body chemistry and have a big effect on how we feel.

None of us are going to get out of this alive, but we want the quality of our lives to be as good as they can be for as long as possible.

Earlier today, I spoke with someone who recently received a very grim diagnosis from doctors.

She's elderly, but she's sharp as a tack, and she has been blessed with a long healthy life.

That's what she said, "I thank God I've had such good health all these years." She's facing the prospect of her death with strength, and she's not flinching.  I'm amazed and impressed.

I hope that if I'm ever in a similar situation, I'll have the courage to be the same.

My grandparents used to sing this old hymn called, "A Beautiful Life."

"Life's evening sun, is sinking low; 
a few more days, and I must go
to meet the deeds that I have done
where there will be no setting sun." 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day 28:Some mighty pretty weather

I'm loving this long stretch of pretty weather we've been having.  
I love the frosty mornings that are so invigorating and good with my coffee during the drive in to work. 

I love the clear evenings, pretty for taking walks around the cow pasture in the short expanse of daylight left after work. 

Tonight I snapped this picture of the moon already high in the sky by 5 o'clock, but it doesn't begin to do the view justice. 

Now, doesn't that look serene? 

We were just talking at the office today; we only have four more issues of the paper to produce this year! 


In a little more than four weeks, 2017 will be past. 

Fastest year yet, I think.  It's been busy and eventful and stressful-and it has simply flown by. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Day 27: Breakfast with Santa

This will be a super short post-I still have some work to do to meet tomorrow's deadline.  

But I wanted to share this photo I took of the grandkids Saturday morning "Breakfasting with Santa" at Rader's River Grill under the Irvine bridge. 

Oaklee clearly looks worried.  She didn't know what to think about the fellow with the long white whiskers.  

When asked what they wanted for Christmas, Oaklee said something about "chocolate" in the tiniest of sweet little voices. I think her mommy put her up to that. 

Clay just referred to his extensive written list. Read it for yourself, he basically said. I'm not gonna  go through all that again. 

Ah, these kiddos. They are as much fun as a barrel full of monkeys. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Day 26: The best things in life are free

So, we had Thanksgiving dinner with the other side of the house this afternoon, and there was some after-dinner talk about what to get the kids for Christmas.  

Then we decided to take a stroll down to the creek, it being such a fine sunny day and all.

The kids had a great time throwing rocks in the creek and watching them splash.  We practically had to drag them away, because they didn't want to stop!

I'll bet there aren't many things we could spend our money on that they'd enjoy any more than a walk to the creek bank, where there is a good supply of rocks to throw. 

Big throw!  

Just look at these silly goons.  

And there's a mysterious looking girl up there above the mysterious-looking tree root.

The shapes and colors of the rocks are endless, and they all contain a record of some era in our earth's history.  I wish I remembered more from my college geology class!  

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Day 25: Deckin' the halls (Joy to the World!)

So the grandbebes were here last night.  I promised them breakfast with Santa this morning, and by golly, that's what they got!  It's obvious by these photos how excited they were about the prospect of leaving the house to go see Santa. 

Clay was enthralled with my tablet, and Oaklee was in a near trance watching Saturday morning Christmas marketing. 

We took the little boogers home (their home) after breakfast, and because it was such a sunny, glorious day (for November), I figured it was a good time to drag out all my Christmas decor.  
I'd decorate the porches while it was warm, then I'd get my trees up.

Robin's reaction to helping me get the stuff out of storage was even less enthusiastic than the kiddos' about leaving the house this morning. 

My enthusiasm waned too as I looked at the mess I've accumulated over the years, because the sad thing is,  my accumulating and de-cluttering have not kept pace with one another. 

About half of this stuff needs to go in the dump! 

But I'm always in a hurry to get my decorating done, so I put off sorting through what should stay and what should go. 
In January, I'll be in a hurry to stash it all back out of sight, so I'll avoid, once again, sorting and thinning it out.  

Maybe I won't avoid this year! (Maybe.) 

I do enjoy the fruits of my labor once I'm done (I'm not), and I get sentimental re-visiting all those memories tied to the tree ornaments.  

So many of them are handmade, either by the kids or by my crafty relatives. (Not me!)

Anyway, once I have everything up, I'll no doubt be bubbling over with Christmas cheer, but in the meantime, it stresses me out having all these boxes sitting around. 


Friday, November 24, 2017

Day 24: This too will pass

I make it a strict rule not to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Now, if you choose to do otherwise, that's okay.   I just like to keep my holidays from mixing...kinda like the kid who doesn't want her food to touch on the plate.  

But Thanksgiving is over, so it's time to transition into the "most wonderful time of the year!"

I felt a little sentimental about taking down my fall decor. I love fall colors, and pumpkins, and gourds, and brown leaves. 

My left arm was darned nigh useless in September when this stuff was put out, and I had to have some help. 

The old adage, "This too will pass," couldn't be more true.

I could barely tell that my arm had ever been injured as I took down the fall stuff-by myself-then took a long walk across the hayfield, down to the creek.  

I'm not complaining about that!

I bought a new phone today, and I've been fooling with techy-stuff all afternoon, switching stuff over, creating passwords, contemplating whether I want my phone to recognize my face, my fingerprints, or my irises.  Not the flowers, but the things in my eyes. 

The gal at the phone store, however, tells me my phone can recognize my irises, or just about any plant or tree. 

Don't that beat all. 

Well, not really.  I still prefer nature to artificial intelligence, handy as it might be. 

The water looks good right now. Not quite as turquoise as it sometimes gets in February, but pretty clear. 

And look at those clouds...ever-changing, always interesting. 

So another beautiful day draws to a close.