Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doctor day!

I went with Hannah today to take Clay-bugs to two doctor’s appointments—he saw his pulmonologist and his nephrologist.
As usual, he took everything in with wide eyes, all the way there and back. 

In the waiting room, he did his usual monkeying around to get people to notice him.
He caught the eye of a little girl who sat between her mom and, I presume, her nana. Her mom eventually shared that the little girl had been born with her heart only half developed, that she was on life support for four weeks, and given up to die at one point. 

The little girl made an amazing turnaround and was eventually able to have a heart transplant.  She also has several other serious health issues, but on top of that, she was diagnosed with lymphoma about a year and a half ago. 

Her mom said she’d done remarkably well with treatments for the cancer.  She looked pretty healthy, and was up and about on her own. Like Clay, she’s on prayer lists all over the country. 

She’s a sweet 10-year old with freckles, and her name is Taylor.  I’m definitely going to be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers, as well as her brave momma. 

It doesn’t seem fair that anyone should have to endure so much. 

Clay wasn’t so smiley when we were called back and the nurses tried to get blood pressures.  As soon as they laid him down to measure his length, his feelings were terribly hurt.

The last time he was forced to lay back on an exam table, he got five shots, and he clearly had not forgotten. 

He was in a much better humor by the time the docs came in, though. 
We found that paper towels are a lot of fun when you wear them on your head. 

Both doctors thought he looked great and that Clay's obviously getting great care.  They didn't make any changes, in anticipation of the surgery in March. 

Buuuttt...there are signs that Clay's tummy is straightening out on his own.  He's been tolerating the stomach drain clamped off for long periods of time, and the doc gave the go-ahead to try feeding the stomach through the G-tube! 

Wouldn't it just be wonderful if he didn't have to have the surgery?  We're hoping and praying....

After the appointments, we walked over to Clay’s first home, the NICU of the Children’s Hospital where he spent the first eight months of his life.   

Boy, did strolling that long hall bring back some memories.  I remember so well pacing those halls, worried sick, begging God to help our little grandson make it through. 

What a sweet joy it was to witness him visit with a few of his nurses, to see him smiling and interacting with the ones who worked so hard to keep him with us.  He seemed just as glad to see them as Hannah and I did. 

I wish we could have visited them all—maybe next time!

Sometimes it’s only in looking back that we can see how far Clay has come, but he’s sure come a long, long way since last year. 

Although he was still in the hospital, he was already charming everyone.  He was probably wearing his “Future Heartbreaker” shirt, a Valentine gift from one of Team Clay.

I don't know about "heartbreaker", but he sure warms this Nana's heart--and many others too, I think.   :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A walk to the creek

What a day to load up Clay and his gear in his Radio Flyer All-Terrain Wagon and take a long leisurely stroll! 

Days like this in early February are a treat anyway but especially so when watching Clay’s eyes widen with wonder at all the sights along the way.  Here he spots a bird in the sky...

We started out our walk with Hannah’s dog and two puppies following us, but about half a dozen more joined us.  That’s part of the fun of taking walks in the country.     

Clay enjoyed watching them…and seeing the cows by Grandpa’s fence...and stopping by Grandma’s for a minute…and stopping to let the school bus pass… to say “Hi” to Amy and the twins…then to Grandpa…

Clay’s the most observant little guy.  I guess everything is so new and amazing to him because he doesn’t get out much, but he’s just content to sit and look and soak up the world around him. 

He’s that way at home too--he gets so absorbed in playing with his toys and looking at his favorite books over and over again. 

He’s just one delightful little guy, that’s all there is to it! I’m so thankful to get to watch him learn and grow.