Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Day 14: Around the world in a day

Ever have those days when you feel like you've been around the world emotionally?  All in one day?  
Days that include tears of joy, grief and laughter one right after the other? 

Some days are pretty boring.  Nothing happens that you didn't really expect,  except maybe you stubbed your toe or burned yourself on the oven. 

I went to work this morning expecting to do the same work that I always do on Tuesday mornings, and I did, but not before I opened an unexpected note from someone we became acquainted with at the hospital when Clay was there, six years ago.  
She had read one of my columns where I'd shared how well Clay is doing.  She wanted to let me know how happy she is that he is happy and thriving.  

That flipped the switch on my tears.  I tried to concentrate on finishing up police beats, but it was difficult. 

A little later, I received another message, this one sad and sobering. Just like that, the tears came for another reason. 

Several long hours after that, I got my work done and rushed to Hannah's before dark to take a walk with her and the grandkiddos.

They are pretty entertaining company.  Clay pedaled his little bike, and Oaklee pushed her doll in a stroller. She found another dead snake on the road (!), not much bigger than a fishworm, and she wanted to pick some more of that "fruit" (persimmons) that we found the last time we took a walk. 

Hannah and I lamented together the fact that the next episode of  Poldark is the season finale.  Boooo!!

I read stories to the kids when we got back to their warm cozy home, then I came on home and found my hubby at the sink, washing the dishes. 

I feel pretty spent after all that, but I'm thankful for all the feels-most of them anyway. 
I reckon it's called living.   

(Again, this photo has nothing to do with my post, I just think it looks peaceful.  If my phone had been charged, I'd have taken cute pictures of the kids, but it wasn't, so this will have to do! )

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