Thursday, January 19, 2012

Summer recall

 The breeze a sigh,

 as Creation catches a breath

 on a busy day. 

 Like me

 on the front porch,

 feet propped on a peeling post,

 body slouched into a worn wooden rocker. 

My eyes trace familiar swells

 of hill and valley,

 seek movement behind dips in the earth. 

 Turkey, deer, and cattle—spotted

 as they search

 the fragrant sod.

My thoughts, free

to wander

as my gaze…


here nor there,

to scan pillows of white

and sheets of blue,

to follow a wild goose

in honking flight. 

Such joys, this living…

gentle as  

my breath in unison

with breezes

that lift

green leaves on trees

and play with strands of my hair.  

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