Sunday, January 22, 2012

I joined a blog hop, and I like it.

It’s fun to scroll through random blogs and find new favorites, but landing on a favorite and finding a collection of blogs featuring similar interests all linked in one convenient spot is like winning the lottery. (I guess.)  

I love Mary Jane’s Farm website, and I enjoy reading the farm girl blogs featured there—among them: suburban farm girl, mountain farm girl, beach farm girl, to name a few. 

I found the blog hop on the beach farm girl’s other blog—“Deborah Jean at Dandelion House.”  There I also found an invitation to join… so I did.

Reading about gardening, preserving food, decorating, sustainable living, etc. is even more interesting when the writers live in locations ranging from Massachusetts to Wyoming. 

Now I’ve gone blog wild, I tell ya. I invite you to check out the links on the side of my page for lots of good reading. I’ll bet you’ll find yourself in blog heaven too.

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