Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm buzzed about beginnings

This is what a fresh start looks like to me.

I’ve decided to attempt another month of consecutive daily blog posts as I did in November.

December I barely posted at all, because of Christmas preparations, spending a lot of time at the hospital and catching up from November, when our lives were really crazy. 

January’s blog theme is “Beginnings.”  I love the newness, the potential of a New Year.  If we really focus, it’s a great time to be productive and recuperate from the holidays. 

I always make resolutions.  Although I rarely keep them perfectly, I can’t imagine not setting any new personal goals for myself.  That would be like deciding not to get out of bed in the morning.   

I’m beginning a few new projects this month.  One is daily posting on my blog, another is a journey of 1000 miles (I plan to walk 19.23076923076923 miles per week to complete my “journey.”  That averages out to approximately 2.75 miles per day.) I’m also beginning an in-depth study of the book of Psalms, and I plan to paint my bathroom.

 Last but not least, I intend to shower lots of love and affection on little Clay, who is scheduled to come home from the hospital in a week or two.  He’s doing great—and getting cuter by the day! 

I’d love to hear from some of my readers—what are your new goals for the year? 
 I'm also looking forward to this season's first snowfall. 
 So is Daisy.
 We've had barely a flurry, so far. 
 I think these look like giant frosted shredded wheat biscuits. 

Frost on top of a snow = exquisite. 


  1. I am glad to hear Clay maybe coming home soon...I also have set a few goals..first is to be a better person and a better friend ...then next is to get in shape..loose a bit of weight and exercise some more. Thanks for your is inspiring...God Bless you and your family.