Friday, January 13, 2012

This book's curious form makes it a quick but provocative read

What really interesting book I finished today: “The Call.”

Who wrote said interesting book: Yannick Murphy

What I thought the book would be about judging from the title:  Some religious experience, perhaps a compulsion to become a minister or something. 

What the book is actually about:  A veterinarian who lives in rural New England and frequently gets calls to come and doctor some sick beast.  The vet has a wife, a son, two daughters, and two black Newfoundland dogs.   

What eventful ways the family’s lives are turned upside down: The veterinarian’s son is shot from a tree stand and goes into a coma. The vet periodically imagines that he catches glimpses of a spaceship outside in his yard. (Or does he really?)

Who the vet’s sometimes moody and impatient wife reminded me of: Myself. 

What the book made me do on more than one occasion: Laugh out loud. 

Interesting facts I learned about animals from reading this book: Alpacas can die of fright, such as might be caused from a thunderstorm.  Horses can show symptoms of rabies from eating moldy hay. 

Why I am writing this review in such an unorthodox manner:  Read the book for yourself and you will find out.   

Mysteries I will not solve for you in case you should read the book yourself: Does the boy awaken from the coma?  Do they ever figure out who shot the boy?  Is the spaceship real?  Who steps into the story to further complicate the lives of the veterinarian and his family? 


  1. Hmmmm very interesting.... too bad I'm not allowed to buy anymore books until I read all the ones I already have.... unless I find it at walmart and then it rings up as groceries.

    I'm reading the chase by Clive Cussler. I love a good mystery.

  2. I'm not familiar with Cussler, but I used to read mysteries a lot.

    I know what you mean about reading the books you've got. I could keep busy for a while if I did that. :)