Tuesday, January 10, 2012

After 11 weeks in NICU, a homecoming could be near

It’s hard to believe our little grandson has been in the hospital so long.  He was born with CDH on October 24, and has never been out of the NICU—well, there was that one week when he was across the hall on the PICU side while he was on ECMO. 

I’m sure the 78 days the baby  has been in the hospital probably feels like a lifetime to his parents, who’ve spent most of that time away from their home, either at the hospital or at a friend’s house who has an extra bedroom. 

Baby Clay has been doing well for some time now, but there’s been a lot of paperwork and follow-up care to arrange.  The staff has also been waiting for the home ventilator to arrive at the hospital.  It’s supposed to be there tomorrow.  Those of us who will be helping care for the baby will be trained in its use and how to troubleshoot if a problem arises. 

Although I’m excited about having little Clay finally come home, I’ll admit I’m a little nervous.  We’re not nurses by profession, but we’ll have to be for a while, until he’s well enough for us to be ordinary parents and grandparents.  We’ll just have to take each day as it comes and hope for the best!

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