Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kissing "June-uary" goodbye

We definitely got off to a warm start this new year. The weatherman says December and January were near the top five warmest starts to winter since records have been kept.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had daffodils to bloom in January, but by George, they’re doing it this year. 

I’m winding up my post-every-day-in-January goal for my blog. January’s theme was “beginnings” and I’m reflecting on how I’ve done with the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year.  I’m happy to say that I’ve kept most of them.  I’ve been walking faithfully, blogging faithfully, and I’ve thrown away some stuff I’d been hanging on to for way too long.  I’m still keeping up with the study of Psalms.

Alas, I’ve not been faithful to my finish-the-book-I’m-currently-reading-before-starting-another-one goal.  I still haven’t finished Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Planet.”  I truly like the book, but it is dense.  I’ll admit I’ve been distracted by a couple of quicker reads, and besides, I’ve been busy writing too…and visiting the hospital a few times a week. Not to mention housework and newspaper work, etc.   

I’m thinking resolutions might be kept better if they’re made by the month instead of by the year.  Goals seem more manageable if tackled in smaller chunks.

So.  February is a new beginning in itself.  What can I get done this month?  Let’s see.  I want to finish that Kingsolver book. And I really intended to paint the bathroom this winter, so I should probably start on that.  I’m ready to lay out the garden (in my mind), and I think I’ll try to lose five pounds in February. 

I did not resolve to lose weight in January, just to walk every day.  I figured if I did that, I’d at least not gain any more weight—and I haven’t. 

Although I won’t be posting on my blog every single day in February, I aim to post a few times a week.  I think I’ll start working on something longer instead…maybe a memoir-type thing. 

I know, I know, my life isn’t very exciting, so what in the world am I going to write about?  Heaven knows I haven’t been anywhere, or done anything out of the ordinary, but I think it’s the day to day process of living--the ups, the downs, the all-arounds--that people relate to anyway.

Here’s to February, the end of winter, and pea-planting time! 

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