Monday, January 9, 2012

What if the New Year began in April?


Do you ever wish that the start of the New Year came in a different season?  Springtime would be a good time to make resolutions to get fit, because the weather is warming up and all of nature is renewing itself too. 

However, I can think of a disadvantage or two to beginning a new year in spring. 

First of all, we’d have all winter to gain weight.  Without the motivation to get fit in January, most of us would still have that to do when the weather gets nice.  Then we’d be even more embarrassed to fit our pasty legs into shorts. 

Secondly, who wants to clean and organize when it gets warm outside?  I suppose lots of people still spring clean, but I want to have mine done by then, so I can focus on planting the garden or taking wildflower walks. 

 I think I’ll stick with January as the best time to start a new year.  It helps us stay focused while the dark evenings of winter drag on.

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