Monday, January 23, 2012

More (premature) signs of spring...

Strong storms blew through the area last night and the rain poured down...again. 

Today has been positively balmy.  I didn’t even need a jacket as I took a walk—it was 60 degrees! 

I spotted a couple of crocuses blooming in our yard. The forysythias are budding.  So is my azalea, some daffodils, and the bridal wreath bush is already blooming…again!  I saw blooms on it three weeks ago.

We had cauliflower and Brussels sprouts from the garden for supper. 

This is just weird. I’m not complaining about the weather—I kind of like it. But this is January, for Pete’s sake! 

It makes me nervous.  I’m just afraid January will decide to make a late appearance in April.   

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