Saturday, January 21, 2012

My to-do list on this gray Saturday afternoon...

1)      Go to the kitchen pantry and take stock of contents.  Ditto, the refrigerator. 

2)      Scribble “potato chips and “something chocolate” onto grocery list below “eggs” and “bread.” 

3)      Sort mail and be thankful that income tax deadline isn’t until April 15.

4)      Watch the cat nap on the couch.

5)      Take a cat nap myself.

6)      Consider going to the grocery.  No hurry, though—it’s open until 10:00 tonight. 

7)      Wander into the kitchen and see if any deliveries have been made to the pantry.  No sign yet of chocolate or chips. 

8)      Address a birthday card that is approximately 22 days late. 

9)      Think about taking it to the mailbox…nah, the wind is raw, and the ground is muddy. 

10)   Stick head in pantry and search harder for chocolate.  Taste bitter disappointment. 

11)   Gather shoes and coat.  Note that it looks cold outside. 

12)   Sit back down.  Maybe it will warm-up now that the sun is going down.  (I assume.)  

13)   The cat is napping again.

14)   Zzzzzzzzz………

15)   I wonder what’s in the pantry?


  1. *Laughing*...The weather's dreary in Atlanta and I'm quite disappointed with my pantry's ability to produce something salty and sweet as well.

  2. I finally hauled my rear to the grocery and stocked up...I'm going to make Chocolate Pudding Cake (below) tomorrow for my sister's birthday...I bought some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies to tide me over. :/

  3. LOL! I wish I had something salty or chocolately. But those things have been banned until my yearly physical (10 more days)!