Sunday, January 29, 2012

A new game plan

Another Sunday drive home from the hospital…and I’m thankful for every single one of them.  My guess is that someday these trips will seem like a distant dream.  

I look back at that first month after Clayton Cash’s birth, when our drives home were filled with quiet worry. 

Two months later, we’re consistently leaving his nursery with smiles on our faces, and we’re saying the same things every time…

”He’s so cute!” …

“He’s got the cutest grin...” 

We smile all the way down the hall, that precious smile imprinted on our minds and implanted in our hearts;  we smile on the elevator and all the way to the car, shaking our heads with wonder, hearts full, as we think again and again how far little Clay has come since those terrifying first three weeks of his life.

The doctors have decided to try a round of steroids to help boost Clay’s lung function--the current plan is try the home ventilator again in a few days. 

I’m sure Clay will let us all know when he’s good and ready to come home.  The way those nurses fuss over him, I can see why he’s not in any hurry to do so. 

Until then, it’s a blessing to know that he’s feeling good…and he’s happy.   

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