Thursday, January 12, 2012

A gal's best friend

Daisy loves snow.

Brrr…yesterday was 62 degrees; this afternoon the snow’s coming down sideways—so goes Kentucky’s fickle weather. 

I really had to push myself to take a walk after supper tonight.  I’m sure people driving by must have thought, “Look at the nut case, she’s lost her mind.” 

Oh, well. 

My dogs don’t seem to mind the cold.  They stayed right with me, as they always do.  Daisy, our chocolate lab, thrives on the cold weather, which seems to make her more hyper than ever. 

 She’s always ready to show her retriever side whenever I throw a rock or stick, but the past few times we’ve gone walking, she’s taken it upon herself to carry the same big rock around the loop as she walks beside me. 

This rock is one of her own choosing, and is almost as big as her head. It must hurt her jaws to carry it for so long, but she does it anyway.  I think she’s handicapping herself to keep pace with me.  As long as she carries the rock, she stays right by my side. Without it to weigh her down, she’s all over the place.  The only way she can slow herself down is to carry that rock, and she picks it up without being asked. 

What a lesson in loyalty, patience, and acceptance—Daisy, my BFF.   

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  1. Hello to you and Daisy from me and Tonks from Oklahoma. Dogs are tender and they get right inside your soul...Daisy's eyes are lovely. ~ Red Dirt Kelly