Thursday, November 3, 2016

Too much stuff? Fluff?

Today I began the less than exciting task of switching the contents of my closet from warm weather wear to cold.
Although it's hardly sweater weather here yet, it's NOVEMBER for pete's sake, and I'll surely need to wear something warm before it's over.
I have so many old rags.  My "wardrobe," I mean.  I couldn't give some of the stuff away that's in my closet if I tried.
Yet I didn't throw any of it away.  You might wonder why.
Well, that's a good question, but my reasoning works something like this.  I figure I'd better keep those clothes that are a little too tight, because I might lose weight before spring rolls around again. Motivation may swoop down from above and conquer my voracious appetite.
Or, I'd better keep those clothes that are a little too loose, because what if I GAIN weight over the course of the winter, heaven forbid.
I'll have to admit it's entirely possible.
I skipped the gym tonight, and I'm having a bedtime snack of graham crackers and marshmallow fluff, heavy on the fluff.
Good to fluff those thighs right up.
Yeah. I'm not getting rid of anything outta my closet just yet.


  1. I feel you! Although your room looks quite tidy! My room is soooo not this! Here in CT we are experiencing a great deal of warmth that I LOVE! But Winter is coming... Sigh. Must get ready!

  2. Thanks!
    I love the warm weather, but it seems so unnatural.
    I'll take the warmth over the cold tho. :)