Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day: A reflection

There are parts of my job that I truly appreciate.
Like today, when the call of my duties took me to the high school to cover a Veteran's Day program led by a student group.
I've been several years now, and I'm continually impressed by the respect and attentiveness the students show - through the entire program.
I didn't hear a single snigger, giggle, cough...heck, most of the time you could have heard a pin drop.
Given the division that's followed the election, I think we all are honestly wondering what the heck is happening in this country.
We are doing some soul searching, hopefully determining to hold on to the qualities that made our country great.
Compassion. Hard work. Self-sacrifice. The desire to be free, to be counted, valued.
The desire to be a part of something greater than ourselves.
This week has been a strange experience.
Processing so many conflicting thoughts from so many is seriously wounding.
I feel bruised inside. I could cry right now. I AM crying right now.
But mostly, my tears are hopeful - and thankful.
We've wrestled with ourselves and each other, but I think we are going to come out stronger.
And those beautiful young souls at the high school.
God help us all to be wise for them.

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