Monday, November 7, 2016

Pre-election jitters?

Nah, not really.
Whoever wins the presidential election, I doubt that little will change.
Not right away, anyway.
I do think the level of voter disenchantment is so high that folks might begin to realize that if we want changes in government, they gotta start within.
So, generally speaking, I'm not that worried, whichever of the clowns get elected.
I don't really expect unrest in the streets either because of the election…just lots of Facebook grumbling and complaining.
It will all blow over in a few days, thank God, and there will likely be some other inconsequential matter for people to gripe about.
Not that the election is inconsequential, mind you. But something else will crop up, such as Beyonce on the CMAs or National Sandwich Day.
We have a tendency to become fixated on such, which is ultimately why we have the two disappointing candidates that we do.
Here's to a peaceful day tomorrow...

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