Sunday, November 20, 2016

A week of Thanksgiving

Thursday, of course, is the official day for Thanksgiving, but any and everyday is a good time to be grateful.
I think an attitude of gratitude is the solution to many a bad mood. 
At least, it has delivered me from some of my own. 
Black moods, blue moods - all can be reversed with a spirit of Thanksgiving. 
There may be medical professionals who would disagree; all I can attest for is my own experience.
Choosing to be appreciative lifts my spirits and stirs joy.
Today I am appreciative of the freedom to assemble and worship, for brothers and  sisters in Christ with whom we can share a bond of fellowship.
I am thankful for health and home and family. 
I am thankful that we are called to extend our blessings to others, lest we should become cold-hearted and self-centered.
I'm thankful for long walks in fresh air with good company.
I'm thankful for the moments today when I was bathed in bright sunshine. I am grateful to have witnessed with my own eyes the flaming colors in the burning bush and the red oak.
It's been a golden day to just be alive-a gift.

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