Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Getting things done

I've been organizing some papers, and in the process I got sidetracked looking through a notebook, one with lots of old to-do lists.
Just flipping through it, I was struck by how many to-dos got done over the course of the year.
Sure, there's a few things to carry over to my new notebook,  but we have had a busy year ...and got a lot of work done. I say we, because without my hardworking hubs,  my list wouldn't be nearly as complete.
It's a good feeling to accomplish things... motivates me to make new lists.
I am a very sloppy list maker, but if you search "bullet journals" on pinterest,
You will find that there are some fanatical list makers whose lists are works of art.
Mine definitely are not that, but they help me keep track of things.
I have found that the practice of doing a brain dump on paper before bedtime is a good way to keep from forgetting important things. It's freeing. Helps one  to sleep better.
Note to self: Drink lots of water.

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