Saturday, November 5, 2016

When the dust settles

The grand-babies have been fed, clothed in pajamas and are now asleep.  Sound asleep?

We'll see.

But having them come to visit for the night was a nice ending to the day.

And what a day it's been.  Foggy and cool all morning.  Sometimes the fog only rises above the creek. This morning, it was pressing against the windows-and our windows are a good distance from the creek.  Took until 10 or 10:30 for the sun to burn it off.

That was plenty of time to enjoy some coffee and make french toast in a leisurely fashion.

The rest of the day was clear, bright and sunny.  It actually felt like fall today-a little on the cool side.

A good day for a walk across the field and along the creek bank.

A good day to clean out a shed and prepare it for painting.

I swept and swept and swept, but the dust, rabbit hair and dried chicken manure seemed to be just getting stirred around- and up my nose.

So, I gave the old shop vac a shot.  It worked way better than a broom, and our shed is about ready to paint now.

After a shower to remove the dust from myself, I fried up a nice mess of Vietnamese cat fish and some homegrown potatoes.  Oaklee loved them both.

The kiddos watched cartoons for a bit, and I read them a couple of books. They've just gone to sleep, so I'm a bloggin'.

It's been a good day at home.  I love days like this when I don't have to go anywhere, and I can get dirty as a pig if I want to.

That's another reason I seldom throw clothes away.  Old rags are just the thing for farm chores.

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