Friday, November 25, 2016

Amy's morning after pumpkin cookies

I was not disappointed. There they were, on the designated dessert counter-Amy's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 
Although she and Greg and the girls went to her mom's for Thanksgiving dinner this year, she made several dozen extra of those wonderful cookies that she's been making every year since she's been in the family, I think.
She sent them to mom's, and there they were.  Hallelujah.
Amy has told me a couple of times that these unique cake-like pumpkin spiced cookies are from an old family recipe - maybe her granny's.
I half-heartedly asked for it once, but the truth is, I want Amy to make them every year from now on.
I want to always eat them with a cold glass of milk and some hot coffee the morning after Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Every time, I marvel at how she creates 8 or 9 dozen uniformly-sized, perfectly done- no blackened bottoms or gooey centers- cookies.
I just don't bake cookies like that.
Maybe I am too distractible, but every panful I pull out of the oven looks-ummm,  different.
These are the best pumpkin spice anything I've ever eaten.
Thanks, Amy!!!! :)

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