Saturday, November 19, 2016

Stripped, clean as a whistle

I accomplished a few things today I hadn't done for a while- I dusted, roasted pumpkins, and harvested peanuts - glamorous stuff, ya know?
Yep, we dug part of one row of the peanuts we planted waaaay back in May, I think it was.
Man! It's do much easier to buy them from the store. What was I thinking?
I put the peanuts in a basket to dry out for a few days, and I plan to roast or boil them, not sure which.
That was maybe the second time in my life I've helped with digging peanuts.
My daddy raised some way back when I was just a youngster...I don't remember much about them except I learned that Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer. 
No wonder he decided to run for president! 

I figured I'd better do something today with those cute pie pumpkins that have been decorating the yard-didn't want the freeze to get them.
I also saved the seeds and roasted those. It made me think of my daughter's second grade teacher for some reason. know who you are. .;)
The dusting and vaccuming were pretty unremarkable, so I won't dwell on that.
Later, I diced some veggies from the garden and the store, sautéed them, then added some chicken broth,  rice and plenty of curry powder. It smelled so good!  And tasted pretty good too.
It was a fine day to be in the house playing domestic goddess, but when the sun came out, I was glad to get outdoors for a couple of hours of brisk fresh air.
The little rainshower we had last night - and the wind-- have stripped most of the leaves off the trees.
Today definitely had a more late fall/winter feel to it.
It's time though.
As I took a little evening walk,  I enjoyed how the light plays off the hills and sky across the road from us. 
I never get tired of seeing that.

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