Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh, Christmas tree...

This is the order of things around here, at least for the past few years--the Friday after Thanksgiving we go Christmas shopping.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving we put up the tree. 

I don’t particularly enjoy decorating for Christmas, although I love having decorated.  I especially dread it when I’m running behind on other things, like housework. 

I really wasn’t in the mood to begin decking the halls today, but our youngest daughter was home from college, and she likes to get the tree up.  She holds me to our traditions. 

Although I dreaded getting started, we had fun.  We always do, I don’t know why I drag my feet. 

I enjoyed the time with Chelsea. And I enjoyed having her boyfriend here to help “fluff” the branches, which he has done for four years in a row now.

I always buy our girls an ornament every Christmas, so when we hang them, we revisit a lot of good memories.

Despite my reluctance to get started decorating, I’ll be one of the last to take my stuff down. 

I usually enjoy our tree more after all the Christmas hullabaloo has subsided than I do before.  I especially like having it up when the season’s first snowfalls arrive, usually in January. 

Anyway, my tree is up, and I’m thinking now is a good time for a cup of hot tea and some leftover pumpkin pie. 

  O Christmas tree! 


  1. What a beautiful tree! Christmas decorating is not as fun for me as it used to be, so I've streamlined it quite a bit. I still enjoy seeing the decorations once they're up and I REALLY love seeing other people's ingenious ideas for decorating. Thanks for spurring me to "get in the mood!"

  2. Yeah, that's me...I really enjoy looking at other's decorations...I'm just a bit lazy about doing them myself. :)

    Happy decorating to ya!

  3. Lisa, found your blog through NaBloPoMo. I tried pushing anything Christmas-like off until December 1st. That didn't happen at all. The tree was up and decorated by Saturday night. We also do yearly ornaments for our boys and I have all of mine from when I was born up until I turned 18. Those are the ones that I treasure the most.
    Just wanted to pass on some love and let you know that I have given you a Liebster Award. You can view it here.
    Thanks so much for being who you are are and for sharing that.