Saturday, November 5, 2011

Celebrating the small things

This has been one of the few days we haven’t been to the hospital since the baby’s been here.  I’ve missed him so much!  But it’s a long way down there, and I guess we don’t have to go every day. 

When we do go, all we can do is take turns standing by his bedside for a few minutes and holding his tiny little hand, but every time I look at him, it seems the little guy gets a tighter grip on my heart. 

His parents still haven’t got to hold him, but they’ve been changing a few diapers.  Eric even got to change a nice poopy-filled diaper.  I’ll bet he won’t soon forget where he was the first time he got to do that. 

Clay continues to improve.  He’s been completely off blood pressure medicine since this morning.  I’m pretty sure the doctor said just three or four days ago that he’d probably have to take it the rest of his life. 

His pain medication has been cut in half, then in half again, and his milk intake has been nearly doubled in the past couple of days, though he’s getting it through a tube in his stomach. 

He’s come a long way in the past week.  He’s got a long way to go, but we’ll celebrate every step toward wellness and we’ll continue to be thankful. 

We’ve been blessed with a great show of love and support from the community.  Living in (or near, I should say) a very small town, it seems that nearly everyone knows about and is concerned about this child. 

Almost every time I go to the grocery or stop by the dollar store, I end up in tears, overwhelmed with the kindness of people who stop to tell me how much they’ve been thinking about all of us and praying for us.  

“Thank you,” seems an inadequate response, but it is a heartfelt one! 


  1. I know your thank-you means a lot to them. Celebrating every step toward wellness sounds like the way to go and keeps you positive. I'm praying for you too!

  2. Thank you, Angelia, for reading my post and for praying!