Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We've recently made two trips into the woods looking for morels...and we've found exactly one 'shroom. 

But I have seen...

This pretty little white trillium...

 ...some sweet smelling phlox...
 ... trees with their hands lifted in praise toward the heavens...
 ...a lowly, though lovely, dandelion...

  and a kazillion of these maple tree seeds.  They look like bunches of miniature helicopters as they fly off the trees. 

Oh, how I wish morels were as plentiful as maple tree seeds!   


  1. My mom always used to drag me along to mushroom hunt. It was really fun when you actually found some. Lovely photos.


  2. Did you all not find any Ramps?

  3. Kathy, it is more fun when you find some--plus, they are fun to eat!

    I don't know if we have ramps here, Clint. If we do, I'd like to know what they are because I've read that W.Va. folks are crazy about them!