Friday, April 27, 2012

Simple strawberry shortcake

One of the advantages of an early spring is that strawberries get ripe sooner.

Chelsea and I picked a gallon or so this afternoon.  We ate a few handfuls straight from the patch, then I made old-fashioned strawberry shortcake with some of what was left.

I like this shortcake recipe.  Pound cake or even just a plain ol’ yellow cake is good with strawberries, but often the sweetness of those cakes makes the berries taste too tangy. 

This shortcake, however, is like a lightly sweetened biscuit, so the sweet of the cake doesn’t overpower the fruit. 

Here’s the recipe I used. I think heavy cream would have been good poured over it all, but I didn’t have any, so I used the whipped cream in the can.  For a little bit of a citrus kick, I spooned a couple of tablespoons of that lemon balm syrup that I made last week over it all…Yummy! 
Click here for a classic strawberry shortcake recipe.
This is how you'll feel after you've had some. 

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