Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Blackberry winter" day warmed by good news

Brrrrr…it’s chilly in central Kentucky today!  Old-timers would probably say this is “blackberry winter,” because it’s cold and the blackberries are in bloom. 

Around here, any cold snap that coincides with a bloom time has a “winter” named after it. 

I think redbud winter got lost in March, and if we had a dogwood winter, it wasn’t much. 

But today has been cool and overcast--blackberries are blooming—a good day for sleeping late and sliding into the church pew after the congregational singing had already commenced, a good day for eating a bowl of chili for lunch, taking a brisk walk in the brisk wind, and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa afterwards.

I don’t mind days like this every now and then, especially when our daughter calls and says the baby is having his best post-op day yet!  She got to hold him (first time since surgery), and he’s been able to tolerate a significant morphine wean.  He’s been tolerating tiny feeds well, too. 

Yay!  Finally some good news—news that can warm any kind of “winter” day.


  1. Hallelujah on your good news. What a beautiful banner photo on your blog page. Kentucky is just so lovely.

  2. Glad your Clay is doing better. I have trouble reading your font size now...54 year old eyes I guess...

  3. Thanks, Maggie! Kentucky is a beautiful place.

    And Thank you, Ellen! I changed font size--I was having trouble reading it myself, actually. :) I'm glad you pointed that out.