Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: I get to spread good news

The weather was raw this evening, and the house felt cozy.  I could happily have stayed in, but our high school marching band was being honored at a reception for a very successful season.  They finished second  in the state in their class with a nearly flawless performance. 
So I went.  I listened to the band director speak about overcoming the stigma associated with our county and the challenges of breaking through that and earning the respect of judges and other band programs from more urban areas.  
I know that what he's saying is true.  People sometimes don't expect a lot out of small Kentucky towns, but many of our local student groups are excelling wherever they compete.   
As part of my job, I have the privilege of publicizing their successes.  I'm thankful for the platform to be a cheerleader for these teams and organizations.  
The fact that our school is small and we don't have the resources of more affluent areas just makes our successes sweeter. 

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