Friday, November 7, 2014

It's finally Friday: Time for a little food therapy.

I expect that there will be frost on the greens patch in the morning.  It is definitely chilly out right now.  But the last frost didn't hurt our greens; it just made the grass and leaves and greens all sparkly

and pretty.  

Having been raised on boiled greens with pork fat, I've just lately acquired a taste for mustard greens mixed with lettuces in salads.  I love that little bit of pungent bite in
 fresh mustard.  I also like it on sandwiches.  

Now the sycamore leaf in the picture is just for looks.  I don't know if they are edible, although it wouldn't surprise me if they were.  Many of the plants in rural landscapes are.  

Anyway, because I have such an abundance of mustard greens, I'm thinking of making pesto with some of them tomorrow.  
I don't see how I could go wrong...blend them with some olive oil, some lemon juice, some toasted sunflower seeds...

I'll let you know how the fresh mustard pesto turns out... 

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