Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Around and around we go….

We've just sent the last November issue of the paper to the press, and that leaves four more issues to produce this year.

The next few weeks will be filled with shopping, giving, baking, giving, decorating--all things American Christmas.  During the holiday season, I'll cover as many Christmas events as possible.

January is time to haul ourselves back onto the wagon of self-restraint.  We'll work hard for a few weeks to set goals, to organize, to lose weight, or stop some bad habit.
In a few months, we'll be after another goal, project or diversion like a beagle hot on the trail of a rabbit.

By the time one reaches mid-life, there's a predictability to life's seasons.  For sure,
you can't be too positive of what life will throw at you, but the seasons and their rituals are a constant and a comfort.

The seasons turn, and turn, and the more things change, the more they stay the same.  We go around and around until our time is up and the merry-go-round of life throws us across that great divide between temporal and eternal.

Each deadline met, each milestone past, is cause to be thankful, while at the same time they unsettle us with reminders that time does fly.

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