Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wonder-ful Wednesday: Moments to savor

I read a blog earlier today about the importance of cultivating a sense of wonder.  
I think I've been able to do that pretty well over most of the past half-century (my life!), just by nature of the things I like to do.  
But there are so many joy-killers, and our thoughts can become bitter or sour if we let them.  
The blog recommended spending time outdoors in nature, playing with animals or children, listening to music that really moves you, or preparing a good meal with friends or family--all these things are antidotes to becoming jaded and cynical.  
Sounds like excellent advice to me.  These activities definitely restore my soul, particularly if I preserve them with my camera. That way I can savor the moment twice.  
Here are a few wonder-filled moments.  
The first one is a wide-eyed look from our sweet little granddaughter.
The second is an early dusting of snow on autumn leaves.  We don't usually get that here in Kentucky, but we did last weekend.  

This rock.  I always wonder, reminds me of something...Darth Vader, maybe?  

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