Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nature makes good use of the muck

The hubby and I, along with our 20-year old daughter and her boyfriend, recently piled into the pickup and headed down the road to a relative’s house to load up a couple of loads of manure from their barn lot. 

When I say load up, I mean scoop with a shovel or lift by large forkfuls.  That equals hard work. Sweat. 

But I think we all kind of enjoyed it.  Anytime someone gives us manure, it’s exciting.

I can just imagine the soil becoming looser, richer and more productive. 

Oh, the tomatoes we’ll grow, the green beans, the sweet corn, the peppers.   

Our hens were pretty excited too, to have opportunity to peck through all that muck after we spread it on our garden spot. 

They get to fill up their bellies, and we get to fill up on their fresh eggs. 

That’s the great thing about living on a farm.  You see that nature never really lets anything go to waste. 
It’s all recycled, renewed and made fresh every season.


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