Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Purple martins have come a long way home

We first saw a couple of purple martins here about two weeks ago.  They looked kind of bewildered as they sat in their gourds and looked out at a bleak winter-like landscape.  They were quiet too--not their usual chortling selves. 

I'll bet the poor birds were expecting to see greener grass, and redbuds blooming along the roadsides, and swarms of flying insects to nibble on as they made their way back from their winter home down near the equator. 

Instead, it's been cold and dreary like winter here this March. 

They're probably thinking, We flew to South America to escape all this!

My hubby and I have been a bit worried about them, afraid there won't be enough food to sustain them, or that they'll freeze to death.  They must be tired and weak after such a long journey north. 

The past couple of days more and more martins have arrived and are beginning to settle into the housing my hubby always has waiting for them. 

They sound more upbeat as they glide, chattering and chortling, around their summer digs.

The sun's been shining though, and that makes us all happy.   

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