Friday, November 1, 2013

First trick or treat for this dude!

Cowboy Clay didn't want to wear his cowboy hat...or his cowboy boots...or carry his six-shooter, but he was still stinkin' cute when we took him out trick-or-treating tonight.

I'll have to admit it was a better night for it than last night would have been, with the wind batting the leaves around and howling through the hills...Mmmaybe.

Anyway, we had a good time checkin' out all the other little kiddies in their costumes and just walking around town in the cool fresh air.


  1. I am also from Irvine Ky so unusual to see another person from our small town. welcome to the community notice where u are the new editor of the Citizens Voice one of our hometown papers.I have already began to read your post so enjoyed them even more when I realized you was in my hometown.

  2. Cool! How did you find my blog?