Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chicken man

The leaves hung on longer than usual this year, but the wind and rain stripped many of them away the last day or two.

Still, there are enough bright ones left to make the hills beautiful.

I drove to a place called Crowe Hollow today, where I was told that the last man hung in Estill County on the court house square once lived there.

My plan was to take a few pictures of an Old Time Arts and Crafts Gathering for the paper, and while I was driving between the railroad tracks and the river to get there, I thought how the valley looked like a giant stained-glass bowl with the patch-work hills surrounding me.  

The river bottoms roll on and on along that stretch of two-lane road, filled with soybeans and corn ready to be harvested.

I wish I could have taken pictures between the tracks and the river, but the road is narrow through there and to do so could have been hazardous to my health.

Instead, I got a picture of a sunlit tree.

And here's Chicken Man, with one of his pet Bantams perched on his head.  

Chicken Man said the trick to getting his chickens to obey is to treat them with dried mealworms.  


  1. I found your blog through NaBloPoMo. I also live in Appalachia, and I love the main themes you explore on your blog. Wishing you success with your blog, this month and always!

  2. Thank you so much! Are you from West Virginia?

  3. I live in Autumn-less Florida. Love the photos and the "Chicken Man." Also dropping in from NaBloPoMo

    1. With a name like Scruggs, you sound like a transplanted Hillbilly!