Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First raw days of fall are great for being cozy--and grateful!

I've had a pretty busy day considering it's my day off.

Yes, Wednesdays have become my new weekend since I began this news editor gig at the Citizen Voice and Times.

You see, Mondays and Tuesdays are long days as I finish several news stories and we prepare the paper for sending to the press.  Because these days are so long, the office is closed on Wednesdays.  I'm learning to allow my brain to relax on this day of the week, at least.

One of my favorite ways to restore my mind, body and soul is to spend time in the kitchen--and with Clayton Cash, WHO WILL BE TWO TOMORROW!

Thinking back to a much warmer fall day just before the day Clay was born, we had no idea what a ride his arrival was about to launch us on.

A rollercoaster ride it's been, full of highs and lows and twists and turns. But you know what?  The little booger has been worth every second of pulse-pounding fear and mind-numbing worry.

His irrepressible personality has brought joy and love and delight to so many people.

So, while Hannah and I messed and gommed in the kitchen all day, making pepper jelly and drying apples and cooking a big homegrown supper, I enjoyed the heck out of singing him silly songs while we "worked" and taking plenty of play breaks to read him stories and such.

Clay's rebounding quickly now from that last surgery and the respiratory infection.  He seems to feel good and is obviously happy--and he is no longer throwing up!

These pictures are from his birthday party last Sunday.  

 Yay!  New books!
 A cake by Aunt Pam...
And a big boy who's growing up so fast.

Thank you, thank you, Lord, for every good and perfect gift.

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  1. Yes those first few days of fall are beyond amazing aren't they? I really love your blog Lisa!