Thursday, August 2, 2012


Sometimes I come across birds' nests that have fallen to the ground after a storm. I always pick them up and stick them in a pot of flowers or, in this case, on a wreath.
During the course of the summer, I've found a feather from a blue jay, the shell of an egg that has hatched, and a shiny earring. I put them together for this little vignette.

Isn't it sweet? 


  1. I find so many tiny little objects just by walking around the parking lots at stores or even walking across my property, that make great embellishments for my crafting projects.I have noticed my 11 year old grand daughter collecting similar thing nowadays,for her crafting.It makes me so proud to think she is picking that up from me,her step grandmother(although she has never known me as anything other than her Meemaw).Her blood family have no crafting genes at all.

  2. That's so cool! There's a re-purpose for every thing, I suppose. :)