Saturday, August 18, 2012

An evening stroll through the countryside

These nice fall-like evenings are great for evening strolls past mown meadows, corn fields and the only tobacco patch on Station Camp Creek that I know of.

I like this picture of Clay getting pushed in the stroller by his daddy with Pappy walking alongside.  Clay is one fortunate little fellow to have such a tender, patient and loving dad, and he’s doubly fortunate to have an ol’ grandpappy who’s the same. 

They are so cute they way the hover over him and dote on him. Two old women couldn’t do it any better. 

I can just imagine the fun these guys are going to have as Clay progresses from stroller to little red wagon to big wheel to tricycle to pony to bicycle to 4-wheeler to pick-up…

 Shhhhhhh...don't tell Mommy. 


  1. Such adorable pictures! These are priceless memories you are making.

  2. We grew tobacco on a useless hill on the backside of our driveway. Such beautiful flowers! It's something you don't see too often but I've been told Missouri (where we live) was once a big tobacco producing area.