Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunshine and flying squirrels

Finally!  Some of that sunshine we’ve all been craving.  Some blue sky.  Even some color!  As in wildflower and daffodil color. 

 I came across these beauties in the woods the other day.  The flowers are aster-like, and sort of dandelion-like as well.  I don't know what they're called, but I've only seen them in this one location. 

 Just look at the way the sunlight makes those pine needles glow!

A couple of days ago, we stopped by my brother's place in the holler for a little while.  He asked my hubby and me if we’d like to see some flying squirrels.
There’s an old dead cedar tree near his barn, and he had noticed that it was home to the little critters.  He had also discovered that if he tapped on the base of the tree with a stick, the sound would startle some of the flying squirrels out of their den—even in daytime.  (Flying squirrels don’t typically come out in daytime because they are nocturnal creatures.)  

When he pecked on the tree, out scampered four furry flying squirrels.  They darted up the tree, but three of them quickly darted back.  The fourth one, however, stayed put.  He and I were soon engaged in a staring contest.  I just happened to have my camera, so I quickly snapped several pictures.  Most of them were blurry, but a couple of them were clear enough to show what big eyes flying squirrels have.
Just below Squirrelly is the doorway to his humble abode. 

I think this one might have literally been blinded by the sunlight.  Or maybe he just thought I was an odd-looking creature.

What do you think? Are flying squirrels cute or do they look too-rodent like?  I think they’re kind of cute. 


  1. That is something we never see in the Kanawaha Valley. Other parts of WV have them though!

  2. Lots of folks have never seen one. They look really cool when they fly!