Saturday, February 25, 2012

So tired of splashing through the mud and the muck!

I'm tired of wading mud when I take my daily walks, and I'm sick of the dogs tracking it on the porch. 
I'm beyond ready for some sunshine and bright fun-lovin' color; redbuds, dogwoods, tulips, green grass, blue sky, even dandelions would look good right now. 

There is much to appreciate in a quiet winter landscape, as evidenced by these pics I've taken the past couple of weeks, but Mother Nature's mononchromatic color scheme is becoming a bit monotonous. 

Bring on spring...and lots of color, I say!  

These little fellers are trying, but when 70-degree days are followed by 30-degree days, well... hurts. 

This pastoral scene is lovely in a peaceful sort of way...

... and the creek runs deep and green, cleaner than usual this time of year. 

Daisy always has to go fetch something out of the water whether we've thrown something in or not. I think she's trying to teach Lula to do the same. 

 Water and cold make some really interesting sculptures...

...and wintertime makes for some pretty drives.
The clifflines are more visible...and  therefore, more interesting this time of year. 
 The hint of green in this landscape is nice, but...
...some bold, bright color would be a welcome sight. 

 Wouldn't it? 

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