Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A little spot of color

For a couple of weeks now, we've enjoyed nearly perfect fall weather. 

But last night, a cold front pushed through. (I think I got a picture of it.)

Doesn't this look like it might be a cold front? 

When whatever it was clashed with that sunny spot, a thunderstorm erupted.  The dark sky flashed with ominous streaks of lightning.  (I didn't attempt to take a picture of that.)  The wind blew crunchy brown sycamore leaves the size of dinner plates across the lawn and they made an ominous clattering sound.

I retreated to the house. 

This morning it's dark and gloomy outside (ominously so). 

The yard is strewn with sticks and leaves (clean-up time). 

The wind is raw because it's much cooler out there. 

So I'm stuck inside.  It's a good thing I took a wildflower walk yesterday when the air was calm and the sun was shining.  I have bright pics with which to cheer myself. 


Does this not look like a painting? 

(Partly because it's blurry. I'm not exactly a professional photog.) 

See those two dark spots way down in the field?  Those are wild turkeys. 

The dark spots in the foreground are cattle, by the way. 

There's nothing ominous about this scene, is there?  This is what you call a bucolic scene.  Byoo-colic.  Has nothin' to do with a bellyache. 

I love a country meadow.  Every square foot of them is filled with delightful finds. 

Just look at these grasses. 

See the colors? 

See their cute seedy little heads?  (Oops, I cut those off.)  See the tiny little wild asters in the background?  I forget their names...

This is a crawdad hole. 

They dig out these little mud huts that are quite interesting to look at but make for a bumpy lawnmower ride.  My hubby gripes about them all the time. 

How's this for a spot of color? 

Ok, Ok, I cheated. 

I didn't mean to, but Chelsea had the camera set on 'vivid' and I didn't know how to change it.  Therefore, the reds and oranges really pop.  I swear they don't look that much different in person, though. 

This lovely flower is Joplin. 

She ran in the house when the hubs left for work this morning and jumped in bed with me.  She woke me with her pitiful meowing and her cold wet nose. Therefore, I got up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Which explains why I'm trying to cheer myself with all these spots of color.  But Joplin is colorful in her own way, much like her namesake.  She has the same hoarse quality to her voice as ol' Janice.  Or is it Janet?

One more spot of color, and I must get busy on all those pears that fell to the ground during last night's storm. 

This is Stormy. 

She was born on a dark and stormy night last spring. 

Last night she was a harbinger of things to come.   Doesn't she look pretty in the flower bed? 

Have a bright day, y'all!  

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  1. You have a bright day too Lisa. Love your blog...... and your pictures too! We sure miss you at All Things Country :-).