Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today, I am giving thanks for our daughters.

I love the days we can spend time together,  whether it's one of them at a time, or both, just chatting and catching up on everything from the trivial to the deeply philosophical.

While we don't always agree, we can respect, and we can find many common interests, one of which is our love of these hills we call home.

I  watch Hannah with Oaklee and I see how she gives and gives of herself while trying to maintain a sense of herself. I know it's hard when your kids are little.

I share a sunset with Chelsea, and we soak up the beauty of it, without the need for many words.

Investing in young lives comes with a reward. I'm amazed at how our girls have "turned out," even as their lives unfold in ways I can't anticipate.

But, I think I can say with assurance, girls, you never stop "turning out."

We will forever be a work in progress, and that's okay.

Life is a journey.

What a blessing to have little girls who become friends along the way.

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