Monday, November 2, 2015

Lawdy, lawdy, what a day. Just got home from a looooonnng one, and I still didn't get  it all done.

This week the news is full of the best and worst behavior of the people around here.

On a positive note, the marching band won the state championship on Saturday night!

Sounds like the whole county came out to welcome them home.

A meth lab was also discovered this weekend, and several alleged thieves caught up with.

Stupid thieves. Or,  under the influence ones.
How can you steal 60 pairs of Carhartt merchandise and sell them around the area and not expect to get caught?

Do you really think you can hide 40 suboxone strips in your crotch area and not be discovered when you get checked into the  Irvine Hilton?

I think I will go to bed. My brain is tired.


  1. Are you editor of a small rural paper? I used to work for one of the two papers in my hometown. (And we were NOT the paper of record, if that tells you how small we were.) I was the layout artist, but I did a bit of everything -- as you do when you work for a small newspaper -- including news and feature writing. I've been away from my home county for more than two decades, but I still love reading the county paper. Some of the police report items are very similar to what you write about here. There is always something in the paper to chuckle over.

  2. I am!
    Police beats can be quite amusing.
    And yes, my roles are many - keeps the work interesting though. :)